Taxes & Spending

So Biden is proposing a tax on wealthy and capital gains in order to fund daycare. Shouldn’t businesses have to pay that tax? They will get a big chunk of the benefit from that service in the form of a bigger labor pool. Does it make sense to tax the area that receives the benefit in that manner?

I think businesses are paying it through higher corporate tax rate, no? Not to mention it’s pretty idealistic to match spending to specific revenues.

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Big business will have more workers to exploit driving down labor costs even further, creating more wealth in the form of rising capital gains. Seems like a win-win.

By that logic, we should tax the poor for all those welfare programs.

That one doesn’t work because the poor are poor.

But, it’s okay to do it in the cases where it might work. For example, funding some roads with gasoline taxes.

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In a lot of areas those payments keep towns alive. My mom’s family is from Clay County in Kentucky. In Clay County 3040 adults are on SSI (disability) and 3411 are over 65 and on Social Security. In an adult population of 17,041 that means 38% of adults draw a check from the government. Without that inflow of money into the county there would literally be nothing left IMO. Wal Mart and McDonald’s suck most of what does circulate around out, so th intake just keeps what little local commerce there is barely alive. Others do benefit it’s just harder to see.

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