Playing this game called Tapple. I’m not good at it.

what is the theme?


I don’t understand your question.
There is a board with most of the letters of the alphabet that are tapped down when a player presses it.
There are cards with categories.
Round starts when a player draws a category, states it out loud, and starts the “timer” button; first player then speaks a word in the category, taps the letter that starts that word, and taps the "timer button for the next player. Play continues clockwise. If someone cannot say a word that starts with an unused letter before the timer button goes off, that player is out. Play continues until there is one player left. That player wins the round. Three rounds one makes the player the winner of the game.
Board is reset (letters are untapped) for the next category.

I did not win one category.

i thought it was another wordle variant

I used to play something similar in college, without the restriction on starting letters. Pick a category, go around a circle with answers to that category, until only one person is left.
I think the letter restrictions affect me disadvantageously. My head full of trivial stuff is not alphabetized.

played it and liked it. one time