Taliban Reconquista

So I heard like, the Taliban is going to take over Afghanistan again within the near future. Thoughts?

Yes. That will be the case.

Next softball question?

Considering the reference in the title, maybe they’ll also drive out Islam from the region

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I think CS is confusing “Taliban” with “Talapia”?

softball but loaded

the next question is what should the US do to prevent it?
from a continuous presence in the region to letting natural circumstances happen.
I am much closer to the latter to the former…
Bush Sr, knew there was no exit from an invasion, which is why he only did bombings
Bush Jr, got us into a situation that his successors would have to do one end of the equation or the other, with criticism either way. Either is better than a middle ground

The Economist seems pretty keen on the US almost withdrawing. I’m pretty much in the latter camp you described.

Okay, I guess I’ll ask a question. Apparently the country would rather have the Taliban rule them rather than the currently internationally recognized regime because it doesn’t look like the soldiers are fighting all that hard to defend it.

So, is the Taliban the best possible option for Afghanistan at the moment? I have read that yes, they are pretty messed up in a number of ways but I also read about certain aspects of pre-Taliban Afghan society that came back post-Taliban which are also very disturbing which explains in a sad way, why the Taliban is popular.

I think it’s more the soldiery sees the option of a long, hard fought slog to maybe retain the current regime. Or they can jump ship now and not get shot at. Can’t say I really blame them for making that choice, but I don’t think the US has an obligation to protect their liberty indefinitely.

We are behaving like the Ruski’s

Isn’t it Russia’s turn to invade now? Don’t we alternate possessions?


Forever war to keep a government somewhat favorable to us that the people don’t generally like or let our hated enemy the Taliban (I think we were friends when Russia (USSR?) was invading them in the early 80s but times change) take control in what will probably be an oppressive regime. Really no good answer to this one.


How about we goad Russia into a land war in Afghanistan?

It’s the most famous classic blunder, after all.

I heard China is trying to get in there with their Belt and Roads initiative. Trying to get the Taliban to agree not to kill the Chinese workers they send as part of the building projects. But that sounds like the scorpion and the frog fable.

So the Taliban agrees to the Chinese demands to get the Chinese investment. And then the Taliban does what the Taliban does and then the Chinese invade.

So maybe “hot potato” rather than switching possession?

never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line

Unless you’ve spent 2 years developing an immunity to iocane powder.

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Enough of that … now I mean it.

aaaasss … yyoooouuuuuu … wwwiiiiiiiiiiisshhhhh …

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From memory. The primary issue with the Taliban as far as the west was concerned was that they did not play well with others internationally. They hosted terrorist organizations and promoted government disruption worldwide. (Similar to their original trainers wink wink). If this current group of Taliban plays nice internationally people in the west will wring their hands and do nothing.
My advice for the Taliban. Upon taking power negotiate a natural gas pipeline and a rail based corridor linking China with Iran. China’s financial presence protects them from the west and China has demonstrated in Africa that they will work with anyone as long as they get a stable economic gain.

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That sounds kind of like what Matt Damon said in that oil movie

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Didn’t the Taliban basically take Afghanistan back a couple hundred years and especially their treatment of women and anything non-muslim? And taking Afghanistan back a couple hundred years had to be especially hard given where they were to begin with.

And did you miss my reference to the scorpion and the frog? However anyone works with them, they will always be the Taliban and if anything looks like it might change it, they will ultimately attempt to destroy it.