Taking avatar pic suggestions

Feel like I was around the AO long enough, even as a moderately infrequent poster, that folks have formed their opinions of me. What should my representative avatar be on this new platform?

*Reaching for content
*No guaranteed selection from this subset
*Trolling is fine

It’s October. Pick a pic that someone else is currently using. :wink:

True, though it seems those on the AO that’ve found their way around the 404 error are keen to keep their identities a bit longer before it’s impending doom.

A pic of a quaalude?

Appropriate for the name, yes…

‘Goo’ is funny…

I think it’s G zero zero

BG5150 is correct on its markings.

Yes. Going for the entertainment porpoises only tho.

I see your crowdsourcing was effective.

I didn’t like that my old newspaper didn’t fit in the circle so went with a new one.

It’s good to see you here, JFG.

It was a moment of weakness and now the gateway is open.

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Welcome! And also welcome back!

I like the idea of using a particular medication image or something. Just haven’t settled on what’s most interesting/controversial/funny.

G00 will do!