Tags on threads

Some clarification on how tags should and shouldn’t be used here.

In short: Tags should only be used used to advertise the contents of threads to others.

And as always: it’s never ok to undo a mod action. If a mod removes a tag you placed, do not put it back.

Tags with the names of a poster

  1. should only be used by posters for threads that are specific to them, and somehow about themselves. Not threads about other stuff that they happen to start.

  2. should never be used without the permission of the poster whose name it is.

If you need a quick way to get a list of threads you might want to keep track of - that functionality is in the software. You can bookmark threads, giving you a quick list that you might want to keep track of – without cluttering up the tags, which are designed to be shared.

Click on your avatar, and then the little icon that looks like a banner.

#modactions #tagging #yourenotmyrealmom #RTFM #dontcancelmesis

I mean, I was using the tag for 17 months and counting for every thread I ever created and nobody noticed or cared until now, but okay then noted.

I also oddly didn’t create the tag. No idea who did. I noticed it when I made my first thread ever in November, 2020, and thought oh cool something for me to use in every thread I make.

…17 months later and guess not.

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