Tablet for 4.5 year old?

Does anyone have a tablet for their kid? our son is 4.5, and it would be nice to have a dedicated device for him that can play curated video content and he can play curated educational video games, but if we want to lighten up in a few years we can loosen some of the constraints. We were gifted a “leap pad” from some neighbors, but that didn’t seem to have any video capabilities, and we never figured out the password for it. My initial thoughts are between either a generic tablet that we have to find out how to do “kid mode” OR a tablet specifically for kids. Also can’t be an apple product.

Related, but what headphones do you guys use for your young children?

We got a pair of amazon kids tablets when my older two were about 6 and 4 which has been successful, and now even my 3 year old has one. We definitely find we need to manage the screen time but it has overall been a success.

It’s also surprisingly resilient. I’ve had to tell my kids to stop standing on the tablet on multiple occasions.

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none until they’re 6 or 7.

Are you letting them watch things in public before 6 or 7?

When my kids were that age, no.

But their ears are far more sensitive to sound waves at younger ages and most headphones run the risk of creating long-term impacts to hearing. Not necessarily permanent (although that is also a risk).

If you are willing to pay then you can try downloading meet circle on any device you use and it allows you to monitor any device on your network so that if you have different kids you can set different levels of filtering for each device.

We have iPads for our kids and use the screen time function which limits what apps they can use when.

No recs on headphones, but our school required us to buy them and bring in starting at kindergarten, so we just use those the rare times we need them. I don’t know the brand, but they’re over the ear.

I recommend a pair of tablets, each with five Commandments.

Also, have them go outside and play.


We got our little one a Samsung S6 Lite 9.7" Tablet (Android). I also got a reinforced military grade shell for it because it gets dropped a lot.

She is 3.5

She likes watching cartoons on the tablet and we initially bought it when she was 2 to travel (pandemic years).

Agree that you have to limit access to it or they will tend to want to watch it all the time.

We had the Amazon kids ones and those are okay. Had some issues with storage and reading the sd card on both for my kids. Upgraded to iPads this last Christmas and like those 1000x better. But if you’re going “no apple” for whatever reason then Amazon kids tablets are next best.


Lol going no apple for some reason :). My old ipad that I got as a promo died. A new one was like a grand. I got an Amazon fire tablet for just over 100 bucks on sale. That’s a pretty good reason!
I did end up buying an apple mini for work. We were doing a lot of video rendering and it was breaking everything. Low level upgrades to ram and video card didn’t work. I was going to have to spend a couple of grand and still not be 100% certain I had the problem solved. I bought the cheapest apple mini I could get, with discount it was about 600 bucks. And that thing absolutely smokes video processing.

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True, Amazon tablets are cheaper, but the iPads were $270, not $1000 or $600.

I just looked at prices. Baseline ipad here is about 600 bucks. I was a bit high.

You or the ipad price? :upside_down_face:


This is the one we got, which is fine being the older edition for kids. But I forgot you are in Canada and have funny money up there

Apple Products are much cheaper in the US vs Canada/UK/Europe

Used a fire with a kuds subscription when our kid was 2-4. I found the content management super annoying, and eventually would just delete stuff and disconnect it from the internet.

Do the ipads hold up as well to being used by children? That would be my biggest fear, it’d last a day and then be shattered.

We used the amazon kid tablets. I had to buy multiple, so we got them on a black Friday deal and they ende dup being like $70 each. I thought they worked great, and I really like Amazon Kids+. After a while they just slow down a bunch, so we ended up getting them iPads and doing all the kid restrictions on that. You can still have the Amazon Kids+ app on iPads (it’s not as good, but it’s ok).

If you aren’t doing Apple though, I would definitely recommend the Amazon kids package (fire tablet, tablet protector, and Amazon Kids+ subscription). We like the subscription enough that we are still paying for it - our kids use it on their Amazon Echos to listen to books at night.

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We got cases off Amazon that look just like the Amazon kids cases- large colorful and with a handle. Ours have been dropped plenty and hold up fine.