Sweet 16 Salary Cap Game -2023

Bringing this game back, was MIA (not the FL team, that Miami OH team makes it one time and we forever need to write “Miami FL”) last week for the Take9 Game which would have been wild this year.

You have $10 to purchase as many teams as you want… most points wins… you get 5 points plus their original seed value per win… so each Alabama win is worth 6 and Princeton’s four wins will be worth 20 each! The cost per teams are…

$4 for Alabama, Kansas State, Houston, UCLA
$3 for SDSU, Tennessee, Texas, Gonzaga
$2 for Creighton, Michigan St, Xavier, UConn
$1 for Princeton, FAU, Miami (FL), Arkansas

No limit to number of teams… you can go quality and take Alabama (4), Houston (4) and UConn (2) or you can go for quantity and take all four $1 teams ($4) and Creighton, Michigan St, and Xavier ($2 each).

Entries posted here by tip-off on Thursday.

$3 Texas
$2 Michigan St
$2 UConn
$1 FAU
$1 Miami (FL)
$1 Arkansas

Alabama, Tennessee, Ucon, Arkansas

The limit is 7.


$4 Alabama
$2 Michigan State, $2 UConn
$1 Princeton, $1 FAU

I’ll keep the $10 and tell you where to mail it.

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$2 Michigan St.
$2 Creighton
$2 UConn

My entry:

$4 Houston
$2 Creighton, Mich St, UConn

Texas, Tennessee, UConn, Creighton

Alabama, Gonzaga, Michigan St, Arkansas

I almost forgot this! :oh_noes:

$2 Creighton, Michigan St, Xavier, UConn
$1 Princeton, FAU

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I’ll take the teams nobody wants

Kansas State 4
Xavier 2
Miami 1

Im going with what worked in the soccer world cup game

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:fire: for my picks

I think UA and I are tied for lead after the first slate of games. I have zero expectation of that holding up as this progresses :laughing:

169 and Glassy also had the FAU/UConn combo

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I think 169 has this locked up, barring a SDSU natty, which would give it to IPD.

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Just happy to be in the top 4 for once :smiley:

Love when I don’t have to do any updating work!