Sweet 16 Game... for those who just can't get enough

You’ve all probably seen this idea on social media…

You have $10 to purchase as many teams as you want… most points wins… you get 5 points plus their original seed value per win… so each Gonzaga win is worth 6 and each Syracuse win is worth 16. The cost per teams are…

$4 for Gonzaga, Michigan, Baylor, Houston
$3 for Creighton, Arkansas, Loyola-Chicago, Alabama
$2 for Florida State, Syracuse, USC, Villanova
$1 for Oral Roberts, Oregon, UCLA, Oregon St

No limit to number of teams… you can go quality and take Gonzaga (4), Michigan (4) and Nova (2) or you can go for quantity and take all four $1 teams ($4) and FSU, Cuse, USC ($2 each).

I just make this one up, so I’m gonna need a bit to come up with my strategy!

Gonzaga, Baylor, Syracuse

Gonzaga, UCLA, Loyola-Chicago, Oregon state, oral Roberts

Oregon State, Loyola-Chicago, Oregon, USC (and how are they playing each other in the Sweet 16 with only four teams from the Pac12 in the tournament?).

I’ll take all 4 $1 teams and all $2 teams except Syracuse

You’ve got $3 left to spend… if you want to.

Loyola Chicago
Oral Roberts
Oregon State

Michigan, Baylor, USC

I think I will.
Add UCLA and Villanova.

Gonzaga, Arkansas, Florida State, Oregon State

Zaga, Loy-Chi, FSU, UCLA… hopefully jinxing them all and guaranteeing Michigan to win it all

I always do terrible in march madness games. So I’m picking the opposite of every instinct I have:

Houston, Alabama, Creighton

Can't Stand Ya'

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I think impressive picks, but I have no idea what a good score should be in this game…

PatientZ 68
MayanA 61
yankeetrip 60
Dr T 60
Arby 44
OutdoorMan 37
Kid Rock 29
1698514 24
IPD 14

IPD… even your opposite instincts couldn’t help you in this game!

BTW, unlike Pick 9 this isn’t over. Mayan has Gonzaga and is within striking distance of PZ and has Gonzaga, where everyone else at the top is running with just the Bruins. So basically PZ wins unless we get the most likely scenario of the remaining permutations (Zags over Baylor).

Let’s go Zags!

Mayan & I lead the ESPN pool as well

am I the only one to build a model with odds of winning each round multiplied by the point values?

I can assure you that I did not do that. All of these games I rely solely on my (ample) gut instincts.

I use the same method for this game as I did for my submission to the AO FSP back in the day when Jables ran it.

My results are about the same.

I made a model for the old baseball game that MountainHawk used to run
I put way too much thought into the RPS tournament
Other than that, I usually just wing it on these games

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