Superbowl tech

In the Superbowl this year there will be a two sided 360 degree superscreen. Made by a friend’s company.

I’ve been in their lab before. My buddy makes me promise not to tell anyone what I’m seeing. Who would I tell, and what would I tell them since I’ve no idea what I’m looking at.


Please tell us kthxbai.

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How are we not the obvious people you’d tell!? Where is your loyalty!?

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Well, a few years ago I saw videos of stormtroopers playing beach volleyball. It was an internal test of their greenscreen 3d environment kind of thing. It was pretty funny to watch, all the more interesting because it was all computer generated. But not for public consumption because they didn’t have rights to use stormtroopers - it was just the company engineers screwing around.

They say they’re hiring, but I didn’t see a single actuarial position!!! :meep:


Anything can be an actuarial position if you’re brave enough

Was it troopers v troopers? I feel like troopers v drones would be more dramatic

I’ve seen it. Meh.


I do wonder how many punts will have to be replayed . . .

How long until we have holographic screens like in The Expanse?

It doesn’t look like it would be over the playing field, or at least not at angles that would cause a problem.

Unlike classic jerryworld disaster.

No, this one is huge, outlines the playing field. Lower deck folks can see the inside better. I think Staples Center (RIP) has a smaller one like it.

If it outlines the playing field(which is what it looked like to me), then it definitely doesn’t sound like at risk to being hit by a punt in the field of play.

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I love woolite

More views of the screen:

But, wasn’t there a punt that needed to be replayed during the playoffs at SoFi Stadium?

Or was it at another stadium? (I forget and being lazy today)

I thought just in Dallas.
But, I clearly don’t know

Nah, I think you’re right that it was in Dallas:
NFL: Cowboys punt hits video board above field (