Super Bowl LVII Super Poll III

Results of last poll:
Bills 6
Chiefs 6
49ers 3
Bengals 3
Eagles 3
Cowboys 1
Giants 0
Jaguars 0

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Which team will win Super Bowl LVII?
  • 49ers
  • Eagles
  • Bengals
  • Chiefs

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I think a lot is going to depend on just how healthy Mahomes will be. Chiefs did look like they were firing on all cylinders . . . as do the Bengals. I think this divisional game will be the best game to watch of the playoffs [Homer Simpson voice] So far [/HSV] While I’ll admit that I did underestimate the Bengals . . . and at the risk of repeating a past error, I think the Chiefs are going to fight for their redemption and win this time.

We finally saw some of the rookie in Purdy tonight . . . not gross errors so much as ones that could be costly when time becomes a far bigger factor. The Eagles looked dominant, but that could play into making them too overconfident and Shanahan & Company definitely know how to take advantage of that. But at this point, I think the Eagles are going to find ways to exploit Purdy’s rookie-ness.

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Agreed. It’s pretty crazy how much my NFC opinions changed over the weekend. Before I thought the Niners were the team to beat and the Eagles were kind of overrated, now I’m not so sure. The Eagles were impressive.

I’m a total Bengals fanboy so of course I am seeing them through orange-tinted glasses. But wow, they were so dominant yesterday. I think they return to the Superb Owl regardless of Mahomes’ status. They have the Chiefs figured out. It will be interesting to see if Andy Reid can make adjustments.

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I think the OC is the one going to deal with the details of any “adjustments” in terms of prep.

Yeah, that’s true in terms of accounting for Mahomes. I was more thinking of general game strategy, since Cincy beat them 3 times in 2022.

The Bengals are still going to win the Super Bowl.

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I too am on Team Bengals!

Was hoping for a Bengals-Seahawks Super Bowl, while skeptical that the Seahawks would go all the way. Now that they’re out I’m all in for the team of my youth.

Slightly hoping for Bengals/49ers … maybe some redemption for the Seahawks if the team that knocked them out wins the Conference… plus the chance for Bengals redemption against the team that beat them twice in the Super Bowl. But I’ll happily settle for a Bengals Super Bowl win against the Eagles too.

A plurality for the Bills… :grimacing:

Underestimate the Bengals at your peril!!!

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I’d like to see the Bengals win it all but I still think it’s the Niners’ to lose. People forgot the Giants stink because they looked good against the Vikings, but the Vikings stink even more. While I don’t think the Eagles win is special, it does show me they are ready and mostly healthy, so I expect a close game vs SF.

I think the Bengals will beat the Chiefs, but it’ll be close.

There are certainly no “gimme’s” at this point. Every game is against a tough opponent… we’re down to 4 good teams, no question.

Philly can run the ball at Bosa which is helpful. Hurts is also a little more elusive. Dallas is incredibly inconsistent at game planning and execution. SF may win but Philly should still be favorite. They are in their stadium and in their time zone. I expect Purdy to make 1 bad mistake.

If Burrow beats Mahomes for a 4th time, that would be absolutely incredible. There are both incredibly likable and Burrow would probably be a little more fun in the lead up.

These are the best 4 teams in football which is good and any are worthy of the title. There is not a bad match-up. Andy Reid stomping on the Eagles would be the best story in the bunch. Need the Niners to lose so SF has to spend more on the QB than a Purdy/Lance combo would do (help Sea).

Ooh…chiefs vs niners…the two lowest polling teams