Super Bowl LVII Super Poll II

Results of last poll:
Bills 13
49ers 5
Eagles 5
Bengals 3
Chiefs 3
Buccaneers 1
Chargers 1
Cowboys 0
Dolphins 0
Giants 0
Jaguars 0
Ravens 0
Seahawks 0
Vikings 0

Belly up to the bar chart:

Which team will win Super Bowl LVII?
  • Bills
  • 49ers
  • Eagles
  • Bengals
  • Chiefs
  • Cowboys
  • Giants
  • Jaguars

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Based just on Wild Card weekend . . . one would likely have to go with the 49’ers . . . but not every team played!

But I’m sure that Buffalo will make the needed changes (it looked more like they didn’t prepared properly for their opponent) . . . and KC has usually done well after their BYE weeks in the regular season . . .

I don’t think I need to change from my first vote.

I think the 49ers are streets ahead of the other NFC teams at this point. WIth Eagles slightly ahead of the Cowboys who are fairly ahead of the Giants.

AFC is more of a toss up between Bills, Bengals, and Chiefs, with the Jaguars as an after thought. Chiefs have the overall advantage of getting to play the Jags.

I voted 49ers though. Changed my vote from the Bills pre-playoffs.

What is the QB situation for SF? Is Brock Purdy the only option or could Jeanine Garoppolo make it back?

I’ve been an Iowa State fan, so I’m a Brock Purdy fan. I wonder how many teams are kicking themselves for overlooking Purdy in the draft. He’s not the physical specimen that most teams are looking for at QB (6’ 1") but he was a 4 year starter that has quick enough feet to escape pressure and/or roll out, yet not enough speed to leave DB’s in the dust. But he was a winner in college.

SF is fortunate to have him as a 3rd stringer.

Eta: After the Superbowl, do you think teams might offer to trade for Purdy, and if so what is he worth in draft picks?

I have a feeling that it’s going to be Garoppolo and Lance that are going to go the way of Drew Bledsoe.

Each playoff win makes that scenario more likely

It’s certainly a valid idea. It’s not practical to keep 3 starter-quality QB’s on the roster long term. I had thought they still might be committed to Lance long term, but who knows? Maybe this post season will change some minds. A 49ers vs Chiefs Superbowl would be the best matchup, IMHO.

It’s possible Garapalo will be healthy by the NFC Championship game but unless Purdy becomes the 3 49er QB to suffer a major injury the 9ers will be riding Purdy the rest of this year however long that is. Garapalo is only interesting in that he’d be a huge upgrade over their current backup which I think is Josh Johnson?

As for next year I think Jimmy G is a FA and Lance may have been Bledsoe’d as another poster mentioned.

Purdy is a great solution. First, he has shown he can play and win with Samuel, CMC and Kittle around him and a good D. They save money when Jimmy G drops off. Lance is only a $9M cap hit for next year compared to Jimmy G at $7M this year. Lance could have trade value but cap hit could be a little problem. If Purdy is the guy, SF is likely in good shape for another year or 2. Bosa is the big issue with one year left.

Someone with supposed inside knowledge told me Rodgers would be a 49er. Personally, I believe this impossible due to the cap hit GB of $32M and dead money of $100M for this year which drops a lot to $40/24M for 2024 (this might start after June 1). GB still won’t do it and SF can’t fit Rodgers in under cap (12M of space) and keep the other players. I hope to win $100 that he does not end up in SF.

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Rogers as a 49er seems strange to me.

First off, the 49ers have sent away a 2nd, 3rd, and a 4th round pick in the CMc trade (plus a deferred 5th) which means that they have little to develop the roster with this offseason. It also means that they would have to clean the cupboard out completely to trade for ARod. The best they could hope for would be 1 or 2 runs, and then the roster would implode from lack of talent in 2026 & after.

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