Super Bowl LVII Super Poll I

Those are the top 5 teams on 538, so hard to disagree. Of the others, the jaguars are a dark horse (with a young highly-touted QB just hitting his stride).

The Jaguars are coming in hot and May get a Mike Williamsless Chargers this week but it’s really hard to imagine them going on the road on back to back weeks and beating KC and the BUF/COn winner.

Dallas looked good for a while but Dak is a turnover machine and that typically plays poorly in the playoffs.

Minnesota are frauds. They may beat the Giants this week but I don’t see how they get out of the divisional round even if they hold serve against G-men.

But occasionally weird things happen in football like Arizona reaching the SB and almost winning or the giants inexplicably getting hot and beating an undefeated Pats team or a Pats team with a back up QB getting the benefit of the Tuck rule.

That’s its charm.

Cincy is 0-3 in Super Bowls, all against California teams (two against SF). Give us 49ers Bengals with the Bengals finally winning the trophy, IMO

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Except that they played absolutely no one during that 10-game stretch. Easily the easiest schedule over that span. Likely as much of a fraud as the Vikings, but we’ll see.

Do they ever do a retrospective strength of schedule? I’m sure their schedule looked a lot harder preseason than it turned out.

I agree with your statement that the Vikings are a fraud.

read today that all of the 49ers opponents lost the following week. they must have been challenging to play against

As much as I dislike the 49ers it is hard to call them frauds. Their defense has been stifling outside of 2 games all season (KC, LV). Since CMC was added to the mix their offense has been much more dynamic and they have play makers all over the field with a QB in Purdy who simply hasn’t made mistakes, he’s been Jimmy G only with TDs instead of FGs. And 4 of the teams that they played in that 10 game stretch are playing this weekend so it’s not like they played total garbage.

I can see them being beat though probably not before the NFC championship game at the earliest and I could also see them holding the Lombardi Trophy at the end.


CMC was a great trade for them, perfect add after Jimmy G’s injury. Provides a great alternative to an unknown QB quality.

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Eli beating TB12?

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I think I mention that but pointing out Brady losing to Eli never gets old.



I’m waiting for Damar to show up for the first time back at the conference championship and the Bills winning for him, then also going to the Super Bowl and again they win it for him.

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I expect them to win the NFC. They are rock solid.

They are my pick too but I think a SF PHI game would be quite interesting if Hurts is healthy.