Super Bowl LVI Sub-Poll

Who do you think will win Super Bowl LVI?

  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Kansas City Chiefs

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Vote with your heart. Vote with your head. Vote with your finger.

Love to see the Bengals get there; but I think KC is hitting their stride in all phases of the game.

Rams/49ers is likely to be the more watchable game as I think the KC/Bengals is going to see KC go up early and not look back while I’m expecting several lead changes in the NFC game.

I think the 49ers beat the Packers because the Packers played like :poop:. I think the Rams easily win. Prove me wrong.

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Rams have been the 49ers bitch three years running.


And I say that as someone who does not like the 49ers, but six in a row is six in a row.

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Looks like I forgot to both make the poll public and close it next Sunday. I guess I’m living up to the “Sub” part of the Sub-Poll.

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Joe Burrow says Cincinnati is not the underdog, so I hope he’s right.

If my Seahawks can’t win, then the Bengals are the next best thing… definitely voting with my heart here.


I don’t think the game is going to be a runaway or a blow out–but I think that Joe getting sacked as many times as his incomplete pass numbers . . . going to be tough to score TD’s that way.

One thing that might fall the Bengal’s way is that Matthieu (KC starting safety) is in concussion protocol.

What, none of these teams are near me!.. I guess Cincinnati is closest

Not to mention that the 49er’s have a far better record on the road (6-3 reg season; 8-3 w/post-season) than at home (4-4; reg season)

Say a lot when 9er fans would rather travel to LA than Santa Clara.

Also, forgot the most important choice.

The GoA 42ers, I reckon?

This poll really is subpar.