Speaking of, here’s my new scatterplot:

that’s the clean version.

Here’s the version with the 3 new entrants marked

Size of the circles just indicates rank – bigger circle = higher rank

sumo pics

Updating sumo graphs from the last tournament

oops, kinda let the September tournament slide

anyway, congrats to Kirishima for the November win

I’ve been having fun w/ my new Sumo Stats blog

So, I’ve been doing cluster analysis

I have been doing my substack, but I’m not here to link to that (initially)

evidently, this NASCAR youtuber does an annual non-NASCAR video on April Fools Day

here it is - and it’s pretty good:

oh and here are a few of my recent substack posts:

It was a kickass tournament. I’d love to go to an Osaka tournament one year

Akebono passes away.

Living in Hawaii in the mid to late 1990s, he was considered the top local draw in sport at the time. Konishiki, Musashimaru and Akebono elevated the sport in the state but as the first Yokozuna from outside Japan, he was a giant, literally and figuratively.

I did two posts on Akebono

The one. At sumo stats was more about his legacy and kimarite

At my main Substack it was about the lower life expectancy of rikishi compared to Japanese men in general