Subway, Arby's to merge into amazingly gross sandwich company

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Good catch!

i was wondering how westley was doing just the other day…

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Arby’s is great

I love me some curly fries, root beer, beef and cheddar, and whatever the hell they got these days (was the gyro for a while but I’ve also been digging the wagyu burger - no way there is even a single gram of quality beef in there but idgaf)

If I was on death row I’d definitely order curly fries as part of my last meal before they gave me the needle


Canadian A&w is apparently much better than the US restaurant. It’s the go-to for root beer. Frosted heavy glass mugs!

I mostly dislike fast food restaurants, but I do like McDonald’s coffee for a treat. And if I’m snacky, a mcdees cheeseburger hits the spot without all the bulk and mess of their typical burgers.


I eat McDonald’s filet’o’fish sometimes at an airport, or maybe a highway rest area. And i sometimes enjoy fast food fried chicken. I can usually find something I’m willing to eat at a food court. But i don’t eat a lot of fast food.

McDonald’s coffee is ok, but, to consider it a treat is somewhat unique.

While the rational part of my brain knows these are terrible and many people judge me for eating them… I really like them and eat like 3-4 per year.

I eat more like 1-2 per year. But i don’t hate them. (I do hate all the McDonald’s burgers.)

They’re the go-to when you are forced to eat with the car moving, because as long as you give them a squeeze to get the tartar sauce to the top before driving, they can be eaten without any mess.

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I’ve only ever bought ice cream at Braum’s. I didn’t realize that other parts of their menu were edible. Anything in particular that you recommend?

A burger, fries, and chocolate milkshake would be the quintessential Braum’s experience.

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J2 made some homemade French onion soup last night, and we had roast beef sandwiches with it, with roast beef and swiss from the deli at the little Amish market not too far from us. That roast beef was so epic, it may well have ruined Arby’s for me. (Nearly the only thing I get at Arby’s is the French dip.)

My reply to Subway: “I ask myself the same thing when I see a Subway counter.” It meets minimum requirements if there are few options, but otherwise I just don’t care for them anymore.

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I don’t eat much fast food. Generally I eat it when on a road trip and wanting something quick. I don’t care for Subway. Arby’s is fine. It’s not usually my first choice, but it’s OK.

Subway’s not bad, but given an option, there’s almost always a better sub place nearby. I’m there usually because it is one of only two places in easy walking distance of the hospital my kid has been in from time to time.

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Since this has morphed into just a thread about fast food I’m throwing my support behind Taco Bell. I think it still has the best taste/affordability ratio and is easily customizable (a major plus for veggie/vegan eaters).

(Note if you have issues with digestion of TB you have weak genes and I feel sorry for you.)


I think Taco Bell is gross. But i think all cooked peppers are gross.

Interesting that you mentioned cooked peppers, I can’t recall ever having that as an ingredient in my multitude of TB orders.