Subway, Arby's to merge into amazingly gross sandwich company

Interesting move by Smuckers, I always thought of them more as coffee and jams/jelly.

I’m glad that twinkies won’t be going away, their bankruptcy a few years back gave me a good scare

I think I’m going to buy some butterscotch krimpets to celebrate this glorious union

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Wow, I’m at the grocery store now and after some googling I realize that Tastykake is not a part of the Hostess brand of companies. I just assumed they were all under the same umbrella since they basically live on the same display in stores

Smuckers miiiiiight be overpaying for twinkies and hohos…

Didn’t know where to post this but I got chipotle the other day and they had an ad that caught my eye - 6 figure career pathway in just 3 years at chipotle, of course I look it up while I’m in line and it is too good to be true

And to make things worse their food sucks even more than it did just a few years ago

I should have driven the extra mile down the strip to Arby’s

What was the sketchy claim they were making?

I think i have gone to a chipotle maybe 5 times. So completely forgettable. I went to qdoba frequently up until they made all their upgrades free by charging everyone an extra $3.

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They seemingly suggested that working as a cashier at chipotle could could wind up making $100k in 3 years

Reddit’s chipotle subreddit helped to clarify that $100k was total compensation including PTO/401k match/insurance. And that most general managers made around $60k-70k annual and worked roughly 60 hours a week spread between multiple stores (basically 9-5 seven days a week)

Not the worst for someone with no formal education but I was in line fantasizing about taking home 6 figures and free burritos if I worked at chipotle. Guess the fantasies were just that

Even assuming a generous 10% 401k match that’s $77,000… still well below $100,000.

Wouldn’t most compensation include PTO? Or is that, like, assuming you’d sell it all back to the employer and work though it or something?

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A family health insurance plan can make up for that compensation gap

but yeah that ad was reaching AF