Study time for Exams EA-2L and EA-2F

I’m wondering what others think a good number of study hours is (and what materials they used) for the EA exams. I’m looking specifically for EA-2F, but in the interest of trying to build even a fraction of the resources lost with AO’s demise, I’ll also ask that people give their numbers for EA-2L. Mine were:
EA-2L 2021: Just over 300 hours over 15.5 weeks using the ACTEX manual, ASM course outline and review Qs, and flashcards written by a colleague.
EA-2F 2021: Planning on around 300 hours over 15ish weeks using TIA and flashcards written by my colleague, but will likely fall short given the shorter period of study and work/personal obligations during the fall.

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Did you pass 2L?

I would think study time varies by individual.

It depends on your nature of studying. Some people do more problems than others. Some people can skim the introductory material, some have to read and re-read everything.

A lot depends on your comfort and confidence with the material.

There are always generalizations for how long to study for stuff, but in practice it’s bound to be different for different people.