Staying on top of ASOPs

Greetings friends! I have been spending time recently studying the ASOPs that apply to CAS actuaries. Counting only the ones that apply to CAS members plus general ASOPs gives a total of 20 (9 casualty, 2 life/health/casualty, 9 general). I created an excel spreadsheet to sort them in order to clearly see which ones to focus on.

Question, do other forum members here find it useful to keep a printout of these in a 3 ring binder? It is 2021 so of course this info is available electronically. It would be about 150 pages double sided for the 20 ASOPs mentioned above (this excludes appendix 2 from each ASOP).

I’ve been on teams where ASOPs were almost never brought up, and teams where the relevant ones were discussed annually (one at a time). I prefer discussing them as a team, because then it gives me motivation to read through them regularly.

At least, that’s what I think I’ll prefer once I’m done with exams and don’t have to memorize the stupid things.

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I keep a binder with the ASOP relevant to my opinion work, along with the SSAPs, the AAA’s practice note, and other useful things, but not all the other casualty ASOPs. Those i just keep electronically.

No one I’ve worked with ever discussed ASOPs in our work.

I’d be interested in getting a PDF (heck, I’d even pay for a hard copy) of all the relevant general and P&C ASOPs.

Those two links will get you what you need.


Thanks for the replies. Related question: does anyone know where I can find a printer friendly version of the CAS code of conduct? Printing the webpage from the link below gives a messy paper version where the CAS logo covers up text on page 2-4.

If you are a member of AAA, you can get a free bound copy sent to you from here: Code of Professional Conduct | American Academy of Actuaries. If you aren’t a member, I think you can still print a copy from that page, but it’s not as snazzy.

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Yes, AAA member here. Excellent, I just ordered a free copy from them. Thank you for the useful info, Mountainhawk.

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