State Songs

It is a pretty universally accepted fact that state songs are some of the worst songs ever written. Are there any decent ones though?

Arizona’s* isn’t too bad, if you like the cowboy ballad thing. The real lyrics are kinda dumb, but I’ve heard it with alternate (and much better) lyrics. The video has the real ones, FWIW:

Any others that aren’t complete ear-sores?

*well, apparently there are 2 - but the other one is terrible.

I like Georgia On My Mind.

I’m not certain I know of any other state songs. Will have to find a list and see.

I don’t know too many of them, although a few are familiar. I like “Oklahoma” ok, although it does remind me of this old Super Bowl commercial (which features not one, but TWO state songs!):

MA apparently has 7. Anthem (All Hail to Massachusetts, folk song (Massachusetts), Ceremonial March (Road to Boston), Patriotic Song (Massachusetts (Because of You Our Land is Free)), Glee Club song (The Great State of Massachusetts), Polka (Say Hello to Someone from Massachusetts), and Ode (Ode to Massachusetts).

I’m not gonna say they’re great
I ain’t gonna say they ain’t

The Oklahoma song isn’t too bad, but I’ve never been much of a fan of the show.

FL is okay (Suwanee River) though racist. It’s simple and folksy and somehow really makes me miss working as a plantation slave.