Starting new job as experienced hire - nerves

Been at one company for a number of years and finally made the move and due to start in next couple of weeks. It’s a role which I have little direct experience in so I’m just nervous of being able to hit the ground running. This is my first move as an experienced hire (8 years or so to experience) so I’m nervous on expectations. At the same time excited to learn and get stuck in however.

Any tips? Advice?

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I don’t know if this is good advice but this is what I would try to do in hindsight.

Try to make a good first impression over the initial first few months with appearance and attitude.

Manage your energy so you are “on” as much as possible during the workday, and able to retain as much as possible of what you learn in the beginning. (Managing energy as in being well rested, exercising as much as optimal, etc.) Take notes, get meetings recorded if you can, get written documentation as much as possible, review nightly what you learned that day. At the same time, don’t get bogged down in review. Instead, pick one thing and work on it, then another thing - multitasking is not your friend.

Your boss is still there to help you even if you are experienced, and even if your colleagues know enough to get along without as much help. Eventually you’ll be at that level, and possibly past it, and a good boss will know this.

Be comfortable asking questions, just try to do so 1:1 so you’re not disrupting larger group discussions.

It’s normal for things to be new. Some people may be less understanding that it takes time to get up to speed, but that’s a reflection on them, not on you.

If your boss refers you to someone else, and that other person was not able to help, don’t feel guilty, just let your boss know that you still don’t have the information you need.


Experienced hire with people managing responsibilities (direct reports) or experienced hire (sole contributor)?

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