Starting EA-1 studying

Starting EA-1 studying. (Again)

Math gets harder as you get older and don’t use it.



um, are you hoping that the spirit of ao fan inspires you or something?

good luck. I failed EA-1 several times before getting credit for it via the SOA exams instead. That wasn’t always an option, but when it became an option, that’s what I did because I wanted ASA too. This was years ago though, so not sure how difficult it is now compared to then. Back then though, this exam sucked.

Edit - ooooh, it’s october…

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Good luck, I took 3 tries to pass EA-1 back in the day. Not sure I could pass it again now.

EA-2 on the other hand I found rather easy.


You took EA-2 before it was 2 parts? It’s different now.

I think they were EA-2A and 2B when I took them and have been re named 2F and 2L.

Yes that’s correct. Prior to EA-2A and EA-2B it was just one exam, EA-2. I thought you were saying you took that one, but I was mistaken.

I hated EA-2B. I finally passed it as EA-2L

I probably didn’t state it well, the law one I found pretty easy, the other one was a bit tougher but still easier than EA-1

Now I’m curious, what year did you pass the law exam (ea-2b) to find it easy? I took it as ea-2b for a few years and thought it was really difficult, took a decade long break and then passed it as EA-2L which I found easier.

  1. That exam seemed to be pretty heavy in what I did on our DB plans routinely so it seemed pretty natural. Did take 2 tries for 2A though.

nice. Pretty sure I took the 2005 sitting of EA-2B and failed it.

I think I got a bit lucky that it had a heavy number of small DB plan questions iIrc.

When I first started part of my job was filing the CCH updates in our then paper version of the code, Regs, and rulings. I learned a lot doing that actually by reading what I was filing, one of the most useful busy work tasks I ever had.

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For me the difference between a 5 and 6 on EA-2L was my visualizing a footnote in our valuation report on one page. Thanks to my employer for that.

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Protip. Apparently we don’t learn slower as we get older. Instead, we recall it slower.

Unfortunately the solution is the same, we just have to excel in studying so that we can regurgitate faster.

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I thought very few people actually took EA-1. Have heard it’s no fun. Good luck.