Hi! This is my first post here. I have currently passed exams P,FM, IFM, and SRM. I am struggling in deciding what exam to take next. PA seems like the next because of similarities to SRM but there’s not many resources or practice questions. STAM has many learning courses and practice problems. I’m thinking of June 2021 sitting for either exam. Any advise or guidance is really appreciated! Thank you

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I would look longer-term at the exams you have left to take (PA, STAM, LTAM, and the FAP modules) and figure out a schedule assuming you pass everything on the first try (you can tweak it if you fail, or build that alternative now too). PA is awkward with Dec/June exams and results at the very end of Feb/August, while LTAM is in late April/October - you can’t do those back-to-back without assuming you pass PA and going from there (which is one approach you could take). STAM and modules are a good buffer for those awkward timing differences, especially as STAM has instant results. Your company may also care when/how often you’re taking exams.

I don’t know much about the timing of grading for the new FAP modules - it may be smart to build those in the gaps between exams so if you fail the FA in particular, it isn’t a huge delay for your ASA (vs if you leave them for after all exams).

Frankly I don’t see PA having a comfortable amount of resources/practice materials anytime soon, so I don’t think waiting a year will make a huge difference. I personally wouldn’t sacrifice a good exam schedule for those two extra old exams to practice with.

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Final Assessment is graded 3 times a year now. OP would have to consider how that fits into his schedule.


Thank you so much for you thoughts. I agree that taking PA in June 2021 vs Dec 2021 will not make any meaningful difference. PA will also benefit with my current work! I think I am going for PA in June and STAM for Oct 2021 or Feb 2022. I can also work on my VEE’s and FAP modules in the gaps.
Again, I really appreciate your comments!