Spring 2021 Exam Refund Policy

Does anybody know what the refund procedure will be for the Spring 2021 sitting?

I’m sitting for Exam 9 this fall, so ideally it would not be necessary to register, but I’d still like to play it safe and register so that I’m not left without an exam location/time if I have to take it again.

Note that there is usually a $100 administrative fee for cancelling your sitting.

Other than that, I doubt that there’d be anything different from pre-COVID policies for the situation you’re contemplating.

Yes - the $100 fee is exactly what I’m trying to figure out here.

I’ve heard it both ways when it comes to this Fall 2020 sitting where some think that they would waive the $100 fee but some have posted about thinking that the fee was still applicable, so I’m not sure which is true.

Just my personal opinion, but I feel that those $100 administrative fees should be waived for both Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 due to the extenuating circumstances.

The cancelled Spring 2020 sitting waived the administrative fee.

For the Fall, if you had a situation outside of your control (e.g., your Exam location closed due to COVID restrictions), I think that the admin fee was also waived if there wasn’t any reasonable alternative (e.g., another test location w/i your state and less than 1 hour away).

I think also testing positive for COVID (or diagnosed by an MD) would also qualify for fee waiver.

But signing up “just in case” and finding out you don’t need it . . . I doubt that you’ll qualify for the waiver.

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Just my two cents: I requested a refund due to my testing centre being closed and I was told I would receive a full refund on my registration. I haven’t received the refund yet but the wording sounds like they’re waiving the $100 fee.

I would expect them to not waive the admin fee in the spring unless it’s due to a cancellation on their end.


Note that the announcement does say that there will be no fee for switching exams, so people who know they’ll be taking one can change their mind about which one when results are released if they want.

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Right…unfortunately that does not help with my situation lol

Good question… I was wondering same thing. Ahh, didn’t realize cost a 100 bucks to do this if you pass.

I don’t know how many seats will be available once you wait for your results…

Registration opened today and this is listed on the registration page. To me, this sounds like they’ve dropped admin fees completely for this sitting.


So once we register we need to wait for the Pearson email?

I would imagine we need to get that Authorization to Test email to sign up for a Pearson exam window. I did just receive my CAS email confirmation so looks like it went through.

Yes, you’ll get an email from Pearson with authorization to test. Then you have to go to the Pearson website and book your exam time and location. CAS says it can take up to 48 hours but from my experience with the last sitting, I got my authorization email within the day. I hope that’s the case again.

Yeah, that matches what I’ve been told by a CLC rep—no $100 fee for canceling this time (assuming you apply for the refund in time).

is it just me or is it depressing to sign up for an exam that you don’t know if you passed or not.

Will the karma gods smite me if I register for what I hope to take next?

I’m just gonna hold off on registering until results come out and hoping for the best.

I’m waiting until Mid January to register at the latest. By then it should be clearer when to expect results. I’m fortunate and have about 4 very close centers though so I’m not worried about getting a reasonable location.

Anyone got their authorization to test yet. Been past 48-hours now

No, I’m also still waiting for mine. It’s taking a lot longer than for the fall sitting.

Yep still waiting. Must have gotten lost in the snow storm…