Sports bets apps

I have a friend that does draft kings (DK) I got a free $100 account. Brings me back, nostalgically, to the old AOPG. I’m having fun with DK. Making stupid bets, but positive EV bets imo. Kills the time and a $4 bet can turn into fun money.

Anyway. Post your crazy bets and profits ballers!

Here’s yesterdays parlay bet

My state only allows sports wagering in Tribal Casinos. Each casino also has an app, but you’re only allowed to use it on the casino premises. Which kinda defeats the purpose. The closest casino to me is about a 30 minute drive. I currently have a winning ticket in my wallet but with the price of gas, driving out there just to cash in the ticket will take a chunk out of my winnings. I’m going to wait until I have another reason to drive out there.

Todays parlay

My work’s net nanny doesn’t allow me to log onto the site. But when I go on data I can.