Spelling Bee

I’m up to 25/27 for yesterday’s puzzle. Made it to genius today, might just stop there with 8 words to go.

Same boat here. Lots of Fs to give at work so I’m going to tap out at 39/51 words today.

Just one point from genius and can’t figure out how to get there. Will get back to it later today.

Was able to EDUCE the word needed to bring me to genius. Now 4 words/31 points to go, haven’t yet looked up the letter grid.

Yesterday was the 2nd straight day of falling 1 short. Never heard the word CELLULE before. Tuesday the one I missed was one of things I thought I had guessed before - hate when that happens.

For me it was DECKLE. new word to me.

That one was a wild guess for me - never heard of it either