Spam spam spam spam

Interestingly, a certain style of spam has been making it into my gmail inbox.

The subjects are gibberish words:
Ofbu Pr Tgbx Jn Nd Yf Dh Zn
Hei Zz Bnq Vaq Yi Oc Rkv Xsa Qv
H33 E7 S230 L26 U247
Oewd Ous Qj Jrah

They all have a .xhtml attachment, and the file names have regular words along with gibberish (with a space between the file name and extension):
Big Money ZK8BS80 .xhtml
Elon Musk Info L54JEO887 .xhtml
Project D6NWF2 .xhtml
Free Bitcoin W748TGJ75 .xhtml

I’m curious as to why gmail doesn’t identify these as spam.

Big Money ZK8BS80 sounds promising, tell me more. I don’t want to lose this deal.

Dibs on the free Bitcoin!!! :money_mouth_face:

I’m tempted to open them…you know, for my own amusement…but maybe I’ll wait until the chip shortage resolves itself since I’ll probably end up having to buy a new computer.

I was going to offer you all of my bitcoin, but then I remembered that I actually own some - ₿0.00009005, so you can’t have mine.

My best guess is that Google is using a word blacklist, and that the gibberish gets around that.
Google’s spam filters are pretty tight, in the financial world it’s tough to get any sort of even valid emails through their filters. There’s a whole bunch of insurance/purchase words that’ll get you sent to GHell right away.

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Go do it at the library.

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