South‘ner vs. Midwest talk

I really like how southerners talk. They like how I talk too. I’m going to post words and phrases that the both sides find fun.

I was at a restaurant and I got into a conversation with the couple that was sitting next to me. He said a few items that I called out when he said them. He also noticed that I said some fun phrases as well. We had good laughs

Tim: “In the carpet”
Tim: “I’ll be there directly”. They were leaving but tim and I were in a construction conversation. His wife wanted nothing to do with our convo obviously and said “I’m headed to the truck”. Tim said this and she just rolled her eyes.

I’m a northerner, that doesn’t hit me as odd

“In the carpet” is new to me. Elaborate, please?

Yeah, I’ve never heard this one either.

Go grab the toy thats in the carpet. Not on the carpet, in the carpet.

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Midwesterners always seem to add a y before their a’s imo

I never understood why midwesterners has a t in it. It should be spelled as it is pronounced aka midwesderners.

Haven’t heard of “in the carpet,” but “in the floor” is a thing. Think of “the floor” as a 3D area instead of just a surface.

Get back to me when Wensdays are pronounces WED-nes-days.

Of for that matter, when you prounouce your name as col-on-el instead of kern-nell.

That’s what he said - in the floor (not carpet)

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Ope, let me just scootch on past ere.


In front of you, behind you, over yonder

So anyway, we went up this weekend…

Bless your heart

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Midwesterner talk, from way back when:

My mom: Are you coming to Bridge?
MW’er: Oh I’m going away.
My mom: Oh, where to?
MW’er: The grocery store.

You might could say that South’ners use diff’rent words than Upper-Midwesteners.

I’m fixin’ to start a list of some of the diff’rences.

The guy that gave me a driveway quote last night was from Minnesota. And the second I heard him talk I asked him “you from up nort?”

When I hear the accent mine tends to exagerate as well.

just don’t call it “pop”. Whatever you do, it’s not “pop”.

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s OH dah
rhuff (for r OO f)