Songwriter GoActuary Album 1 - Song 1

Topic - I (the guy) forgot our anniversary

I don’t know how to write a song at all. But I think we can come up with something fun. You are all smart and creative.

Something else

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I suggest a chord progression thusly:

I - IV - V


If I Didn’t Have You by Tim Minchin - YouTube

You might have to tweak a few things to fit better, unless you also kissed Winston’s ex-girlfriend Neah back at Steph’s party in 1993, but start with this.

Where’s that confounded bridge??

And the massive drum solo.

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Topic sounds like a country song. And I don’t do country.

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Didn’t hear the hint of our special day
The day that we got married
Xxx got in my way

I love you to the stars and back
You’re my #1 something something
Feels like my heads on crack - (don’t like this) but im brainstorming

My husband wrote me a song. It starts like this:

(You have to imagine the guitar chords…)

Marrieeeeeed …. For 23 years
Married Married … for 23 years
Happily Married … 16ofthose23years…

(something something)

I walk in
And see my bride
I run to her … when KABAM!

I wake up on the floor
She forgot to close that cabinet door

(something something)

She’s playing Words with Friends

(something something)

That ever lovin cabinet door.



no more tears come from my eyes
That well has gone completely dry

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Is this still a thing?

Ajstudies’ husband hit it right. The trick to writing personal lyrics is to use personal elements. (Unless you’re like Elizabeth Browning or something.)

So you need to tell us lots of personal things and then we can make up appropriate rhymes.

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I mean, he is a creative. He wrote me another song for our 30th, which was more lovey dovey and not so silly. He also wrote some really silly songs about our kids.

“Don’t worry about playing in the dirt
Just don’t tell your mom”