Software project?

I’m blue-skying a bit here, digging for thoughts.
Ideas for any interesting and useful life actuarial projects? Maybe opensource, certainly free. i.e. considering software projects that I would coordinate (and maybe get developed) that would be useful. Anything that would be better free than commercial projects, anything you’re missing in your daily work?

No crossposting to bad uses of excel, I’m assuming anything I did would have to be bigger scale than that.

I guess you could try making open source versions of axis or prophet or something. I don’t know anything about life, those are just softwares I hear about.

Or you can make a library like this guy did:

Yeah thats the project ive seen before and is great.

Maybe i should do something in latex. I always find the current libraries for actsci stuff clunky. Not sure i could do a better job though.

You may be interested in

Compared to lifelib, I think having the different components of actuarial logic in separate packages may be more approachable for someone looking to contribute.

What I mean by that is the packages are separated in more digestible chunks:

The upshot is that the packages work really well together and you can create pretty complex and fast models in a straightforward way.

If interested, feel free to reach out here or on GitHub