Sock filter

When I was in Singapore I had what I think was one of the best damn cups of coffee ever. I think it’s called like “kopi” or whatever but what was really surprising was I learned it’s made by using a sock as the filter. I would have thought they’d have some kind of more complicated contraption but that was it.

You guys ever tried using a sock to filter your coffee?

No. I don’t drink coffee.
New sock, or used sock?
Asking for a friend.

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Did it have a sweaty after taste? One of my favorite cheeses smells like sweaty socks.

Do you just turn the sock inside out to dump the grounds? Or is it a one cup one sock approach with no re-use?

No way can the coffee be that cheap in a country so expensive if they used a new sock each time imo.

Wool? Silk? Cotton/poly?

Each has to have different filtration!!!