SOA obligation to grade in x weeks

Is the SOA obligated to grade a module within a certain number of weeks? I seem to remember seeing somewhere that says that if a grade is not given in x weeks then an automatic MMR is given. Can anyone tell me what that x is? Maybe I’m just dreaming.

I’m asking because I submitted a module back in August and I’m still waiting on a grade and its driving me nuts!

I am assuming this is a fellowship module? You should have received a grade by now. I believe the SOA says you should receive a grade between 4-6 weeks but it isn’t required. I also think that for fellowship modules, there is no “automatic MMR” like there was for FAP, you truly need to earn the MMR grade.

Regardless, I would 100% reach out to the SOA, that seems like WAY too long of a wait.

Yeah it’s the Applications of Statistical Techniques Module on the GI track. I’ve contacted them and they said a result would be posted in 2 weeks. It’s been 3 weeks since that communication. I sent them another email and no reply yet.

Good to know that’s there is no deadline with the FSA modules. But this is ridiculous. They really should put a deadline on the FSA modules. They shouldn’t have an indefinite amount of time to grade. I mean customer service is still a thing, right? I’m coming up on 4 months since my submission.

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Yeah, there have been definitely been some backlogs in FSA modules this year. I had an almost 4-month wait for a grade on Health Economics this spring (submitted end of February, MMR mid-June), and from what I saw on the AO lots of other folks were experiencing similar lags. My other two FSA modules were submitted in July and MMR’ed in September, but they must have slowed down again.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this delay from the SOA :confused: I just wanted to let you know that I submitted AST Module on November 8 and the grade was up on the transcript by December 9th. You should definitely contact the SOA for clarifications. They might have forgot to input it in your transcript.