SOA Gift Selection

It’s that time of year, and I need to make my SOA gift selection. This year I get the option of:

Or a donation in my name to the human fund, sorry I mean Actuarial Foundation.

Which should I choose? They’re all so fantastic, and wonderfully branded.


I imagine everyone has an excess of mugs. I’d probably pick the tote or the mousepad. Mousepad seems sweet cuz my phone is always next to me.

does the wireless charging mouse pad actually like work? if so, that. otherwise human fund.


I have a wireless charger both at home and at work, so I don’t really have a use for another.

I would probably use the mug more than the cooler, but I do have a lot of mugs and not many cooler totes…

Also, I could just buy any of these that I really wanted and I wouldn’t have the branding, so…not sure why I’m putting so much thought into this.

I’m leaning toward mug. I don’t actually have an excess of them in the office, as I only have one I keep at work currently.

Plus, if I choose the mug, I can throw on my SOA jacket, wrap myself up in my SOA fleece-lined blanket, listening to calming tunes on my SOA wireless headphones (although which set do I choose??), sipping my morning coffee in my brand new SOA mug. It completes the collection.


it’s a very personal choice and it sounds like the mug is what’s right for you.

An important personal choice, at that.


so, you don’t actually have the SOA wireless headphones, but are considering purchasing some?

No, I have two sets of wireless headphones. One set is ear buds, one is over the ear. I have tiny ear holes (RIP my inbox) so I don’t have much use for ear buds generally. I might have actually given those to my sister. Only the charging case is branded, not the buds themselves.

CAS plz step up ur swag game


Do you HAVE to choose something?

What if you don’t?

If you say “Infinity Shields, activate!!!” while wearing all this stuff, do you get super powers??? :woman_superhero:

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choose the mug and use for white elephant christmas gift


One year I proctored two exams and I got a polo shirt, which I randomly happen to be wearing today. I’m no longer proctoring though, so these days I get diddly squat.

I’d probably choose the cooler since I use 16 oz tumblers and don’t have much use for a 14 oz mug, and I too have a wireless charger at my desk already. :woman_shrugging:

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Then the SOA gets to keep more of their giant pile of money, Scrooge McDucking in it. I’m not in the business of lining their pockets with the $20 I’ve earned from hundreds of hours of my valuable time.

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I usually just do the Actuarial Foundation thing. Haven’t decided this year.

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What did you do for SOA for hundreds of hours?

Exam committee, I assume.

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Writing exams took up a ton of my time this year. Also graded exams and assessments, which isn’t a small dedication (but it’s one I enjoy, I’m not complaining about how I donate my time).