SOA FSA Exam Release

When do they release the exam (not solutions but questions)?

I think last fall it was late November, so 3-4 weeks after the start of the testing window.

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We’ve never waited for FSA exams to be released before engaging in exam discussion. If you want to discuss exams (that are not Specialty), you can do that.

|FSA Exam Sitting|Exams are released*|

|Fall 2019|1 week|
|Summer 2020|2 weeks|
|Fall 2020|3 weeks and a day|
|Spring 2021|???|

I was counting time elapsed from my exams. If counting from start of FSA exam window, add about a week.

The delay may be longer now since some folks had issues and had to take the exam on a different day than others. Thanks for keeping track of this though, very helpful!!

Hopefully they are released sooner than later though… otherwise not sure if I’ll be able to grade myself because I may have forgotten what I put…

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Looks like it really is an arithmetic sequence

Let the record show that it took 5 weeks this time. [exams are out]


Nice. When do they usually post results?

*opens exam. Throws up. Closes exam. Goes back to trying to forget that I prob failed exam.

Results will be July 16th

Woops I meant solutions

Solutions have gotten released 2 weeks (+/- a day) post results the last 2 sittings.

Well I guess not this time


Results will come out July 16th. +2 weeks => July 30th.

I expect solutions to be posted somewhere around the first week of August.

Welp no exam solutions yet. Hopefully sometime next week, but I thought it was the Friday at the 2-week mark.

I take it back. They were released yesterday afternoon.

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It looks like SOA is holding steady at releasing solutions 2 weeks +/- a day post releasing exam results. [I half expected them to take longer since they took so long to release the exams, a shocking 5 weeks]

I predict exams will be released in 2 weeks

Exams are out. It was ~5 weeks, just like in the spring.

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Solutions should be released today based on past experience, but it hasn’t happened yet.