SOA Annual Meeting 2021

I see that the annual meeting has been extended and looks like it will have both in person and virtual aspects. Questions:

  1. Will most companies support in person attendance (assuming they did pre-Covid)?

  2. If companies support in person CPD, will they be willing to pay for the additional days?

  3. Will there be more CPD opportunities at this meeting, justifying the additional time and expense?

I really need to get on the CPD for this year…

They’ve decided to do some odd branding for the meeting:

I saw what they were up to earlier (I forget what the other choice was, but ImpACT is fine as far as it goes)

I’m hoping to go in person. As of now, the company is supporting it (they also did previously), but will pull back if there’s another wave in the fall. I’m a bit apprehensive that they will mess this up. No way I can justify extra days, so I’m hoping the core meeting is similar…I really liked the meetings previously, but not sure what they are doing here - guess we’ll see in a few weeks!

So it looks like either in person or virtual is 3 days but they overlap on Wed, making it look like a 5 days meeting.

There is nothing on the agenda that is compelling to me.

I will attend virtually but ONLY bc I need the CPD. Most of the agenda is tangential to my job. Hopefully next year will be better. Or maybe there will be at least one webinar that suits my needs.

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It looks like if you sign up for the in person meeting you can also access the virtual sessions. I don’t know why you would want to unless you were really behind on CPD. But you can.

Agree that the agenda isn’t the most exciting - but I still am on my way. Just happy to get back out in the world :slight_smile:



Well, in person is cancelled, so I guess I’ll throw in the towel again this year. Fully virtual isn’t worth it to me. Thanks, COVID. Maybe I’ll see you guys next year.

There was no way I was going in person, but I don’t really need the CE credits.

I’ll think about it.

My virtual presentation got cut. Sorry y’all I know you were excited.

I don’t know why I said virtual - what I meant was, my in-person presentation got cut. The in-person events that didn’t get cut are being converted to virtual.

But also I will present to you virtually anytime, Bready.


:woman_office_worker: :heart_eyes: :heartbeat:

Sorry - I actually swung back and forth over today about sticking with it. Looks like a few of the in person meetings I wanted to attend got cut. I just asked for my refund - who knew how sad it would be to not have my in-person actuary meetings???

I desperately need CE credits, so I’m going virtually!!


Yep. I didn’t realize how much I valued seeing my favorite experts in person. But the content wasn’t there so I didn’t lobby my company for this one. Maybe next year?


The Hartford club is having their meeting online, so I’ll probably be doing that instead.

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Does anyone have an idea on SOA Annual “IMPact” attendance this year?

Asking for a friend…. That wants me to go, too. I’m not really feeling it at this point. It’s not even the fear of large crowds, but the fear of boredom from a low turnout and an empty lobby bar.

Also, IMPact sounds like some sort of weird legislation, and not the good ol SOA Annual I’m used to. It’s a factor, in my decision, TBH.

It’s all online. I’m attending bc I need the CPD and my anxiety won’t let me wait until December.

Well, I’m doing this and now that I have access to the Monday-Tuesday sessions I actually think I’ll get a fair amount of CPD. It’s also an excuse to WFH all week. (Although I’ve opened up my schedule for a few early/late meetings.)