So...who's hiring P&C remotely?

For reasons of location, i need to on the search for my next gig, but do to family circumstances, I may, unfortunately, need to move in the next 2 years or so.

So, anyone know which companies are hiring remotely? Ideally in a pricing or analytics capacity.

Hey, you accidentally posted this in the forum for companies to list jobs, not one of the many forums for actuaries to talk about stuff. So i moved it to where people who aren’t looking for a job will see it, too.

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Thanks Lucy, i get my tags confused sometimes.

Almost all the jobs I see on indeed have remote available, but I assume you checked there already.

If not, just search for FCAS, location: remote.

I too am interested in the answer, for a friend of course.

Nationwide recruiter has been messaging me on LinkedIn about remote jobs