So, how many times do you think you've had covid? (Christmas '23/ new year '24 edition)

Just curious about this community. If you aren’t certain, make your best guess.

  • Not yet
  • Once
  • Twice
  • Thrice
  • Four+
  • I’m to uncertain to even guess

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Inspired by the cold I’m nursing :cry:

I’m testing negative. Ironically, i wore a mask when i visited a friend two days ago because i had a cold. He just tested positive for covid this morning. So that mask probably protected me more than him.


Dodged a superspreader event once this fall by luck. Thought i had it one time more than 2 confirmed cases, but tested negative that time. 1st time was very mild, only tested due to close exposure notifying me. 2nd time was mild but stronger symptoms than 1st time. Reaction to 3rd vaccine was more intense(but briefer).

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Finally got it earlier this month. Recently hit my 10 days so I can resume life as normal.


i had it starting 12/11. after 10 days felt human again. but recovery has not been all positive.


Once but now paranoid I’ll change categories since I voted.


Twice. Caught the omicron variant on chirtsmas 2021 and alpha variant on thanksgiving 2023

Effin friends and family around the holidays man… gotta love em


I said once. It’s possible I had it a second time once when I had a cold & didn’t test. It didn’t feel like Covid and I had no reason to test.

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Twice that I know of.

#1 - December 2020, when Dad had it and he’d started falling and I was trying to pick him up and he was breathing on me. Knew that was going to happen when we finally sent him to the ER and he tested positive; 4 days later, I was asymptomatic and got tested … and was also positive.

#2 - November 2022. This was unexpected; I’d had cold-like symptoms, felt like crap for 2 days then got over that. Couple days later, woke up at 3am with sharp left flank pain when I tried to lie on that side. Went to the hospital urgent care, they ran tests, showed an enlarged spleen - which triggered a COVID test, which came back positive - so I’d probably had it a few days by then.

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That’s part of why i posted. For the first time since covid, I’m hosting a New Year’s Eve party, and i think the odds are pretty high i will catch it there.


How can there be 38 votes and 31% in the “not yet” category? 11/38 = 29%, 12/38 = 32%. Must be the balancing item, but I don’t like it.

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12/38 = 31.6%. I’ll allow it. But if it makes you happier, now there are 40 votes, with 37.5% and 32.5% each rounded up, and 2.5% rounded down (twice).

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That one I can get behind, kind of. I’m also fine with not summing to 100% due to rounding.

I know for sure i had it twice, as I tested positive both times and those are the only times I’ve been sick.

Caught it both times during European travel. I’ve successfully dodged it in the US.

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You sure?

It’s my favorite and most used disclaimer! “May not sum due to rounding.”

I voted once. Never tasted positive but was sick 3 days after another family member during the omicron wave.

Had a kid with it this fall. Never got sick at all in spite of making 0 effort to prevent it. I was heading out of town and had just enough time to catch at and be over it before i left.

im still clearing out the gunk it created. the stuff it creates in my lungs/sinuses is different in color and texture than when I have other brand name illnesses.

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more TMI

That’s interesting. I got the nasal flu vaccine, once, which basically gives you a very mild case of flu, only in the nose. And i realized that it smelled/tasted like being sick, and I recognize what it smells like to have flu.

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