So did anyone try Windows 11 yet

did u

I only just now checked which version of Windows I am currently on.

It’s not 11 :frowning:

That would have been pretty impressive for you not to know, but also be running 11 given it was released today.

I remember having a choice of work computers of various shapes and sizes (one was even a Mac desktop or something) and thinking, oh shit I may be over my head taking a job at a software company.

I mean I can see why some people wouldn’t know the differences between the Windows UIs. Like I think most Windows users wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the different Linux UIs and vice-versa. Mac users too.

I think I’ve been on 11 for many months. I like it but very little extraordinary.

I have two laptops, one on windows 11 and the other in windows 10. I prefer Windows 10.

My company laptop recently required a restart to make some required updates. When it booted up the next day I saw a notification that windows 11 is now available. Except the company controls that so even though Microsoft might say Windows 11 is available I won’t get it until my company decides if and when I get it.

I have four Windows computers running Windows 10. Only one of them is recent enough to actually install / run Windows 11, so I didn’t bother.

I helped a friend (who bought a new PC) learn how to do stuff with Windows 11. It is typical Microsoft - just different enough to require lots of Googling.

Almost 20 years ago (wow I’m old) I visited the Microsoft Theory group, and was shocked at how crappy the computers looked. It’s fricking Microsoft, they should have good machines! Then I used one. Everything on the internet was instantaneous. Turned out they just had old monitors.

Some differences from Windows 10:

The Start menu layout

There is no longer an option to not group icons in the taskbar.

The procedure for duplicating the screen to a TV over the LAN is different. It took me a while to figure out how to navigate the menus.

There is no longer an option to always display all icons in the System Tray (as opposed to in a sub-menu). Each time a new icon comes into existence, it is not displayed by default, so you have to change the setting for it.

Not yet


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