SNL for mere mortals

So lets say you wanna look at SNL outside of work cause for whatever reason you just like looking at it in your spare time. Is there a subscription for regular people? Anything affordable? Any alternatives for non-rich regular people?

TIVO maybe if it comes on too late for you?


I was thinking something similar . . . but there’s also Peacock streaming service to get the show as well.

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Gotta love the options CS has.

c’mon guyz

aside from the TV show, the only thing I knew as SNL isn’t called that anymore.



SNL as in the place to look at finance statements became S&P global if that’s what you are talking about.

Yeah I know but everyone seems to call it that, kind of how we still call Alphabet Google.

I prefer Woodworking for Mere Mortals. Great YouTube channel.

no idea what the second part of that sentence means, but now that we actually know what you are talking about

I have no idea

You should have a company rep who could tell you

That website has all the information for free supposedly, but I haven’t ever used it so no idea on format/readability. Could be worth looking into if you’re trying to find annual statement stuff

I have the ‘S&P Capital IQ Pro’ app on my phone with my work login. Have you tried that? Also, why not just use your login at home? There’s no work-sensitive information there so I wouldn’t think that would be a problem

I still call it SNL, although the young squirts in my department look at me like I’m a confused old geezer when I do.

The nice thing about SNL…er S&P…is that you can fetch aggregate Annual Statement and IEE data for the industry, for competitors at the group level.

It’s been a long time since I saw yellow books (or pdfs of yellow books) distributed to the actuarial department for reference when putting together rate filings. It’s just easier to use an SNL…er S&P template to pull the data you need.

only boring people look up financials

I just want to keep work and non-work separate. Like if I make something that uses the data, I wouldn’t want my employer to make a claim that they own it.

I’m not even sure what you mean by “SNL”. But Google still exists, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet, and most of the parts we think of when we think of Google are, still, Google. The office closest to me, which was just renovated/opened, has a large sign that says “Google” on it.

Why? Just…why?

Ummm…aren’t most of us actuaries?

I’m not a regular actuary, I’m a cool actuary. There are no exams in this house.