Smoothie Avenue

I heard if you go to the post office near a town/suburb that’s currently being developed, you can propose new street names such as naming it after yourself, etc.

I think Smoothie Avenue has a nice ring to it. Have any of you tried this?

Nothing I saw in a few Google searches suggested any role for the post office. Here is one article

So just find a developer who thinks Smoothie Avenue has a nice ring. Could work: suggests no potholes.

I don’t do drugs, should work in my favor

no, but a great way to have yourself named after a street in new york was to die in the wtc on 9/11/2001. they named the block you lived on after you! a lot of the streets on staten island in my old hood are named after people who died that day. i could have had ao fan avenue had i died, but alas.

wait…you’re gonna actually walk into a post office? isn’t that covidy?

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A friend of a friend did some property development a long time back (70’s-80’s range). He’d pick random french words to name a development because he thought it sounded fancier.

Boulevard du Colonel Smoothé???

Lol that’s like when target came to Canada. People were calling it ‘tarjay’.

Same nickname for Target here