Smoking and grilling

(nose turned upward) It’s still only “Choice.”
(Actuari-sense activated) 22 bucks a pound???

Cooking a small rib eye roast (4.5 pounds, also Choice) right now. No, not grilling. I need my new grill first. Roasting at 225 degrees for however long it takes, then searing at 550 degrees after it’s cooled.

Went to an in-law’s house last Saturday. They cooked a 7-bone roast (18 pounds or so) for seven of us. Took home a bunch. It was not reverse-seared, and it seemed to require multiple thermometers: We pulled it at 125, and it rested up to 130 in the one spot, but some pieces were still quite rare.

$22/lb is a good price for this cut of meat. It’s the best piece of meat on the cow.

I know of 2 sources where I can find this cut locally. One offers certified angus beef at $15/lb, but they only sell the cut by cutting the steak into small strips and rolling them up pinwheel style. I usually buy there, but I was looking for the whole muscle and they won’t sell it that way for some reason. The other place I know of that carries it locally charges $60/lb!

Well, that’s pretty damned expensive!

Seems pretty reasonable for me for a small specialty cut that really is a very small piece of the cow and arguable the best piece of the cow.

I’ve got a cheap one as well, because it’s rarely used. Works fine though, I’ve no need to upgrade to something more expensive. Not the case with grinders and sausage stuffers - those are worth paying a bit more for. Protip: the sausage stuffing unit on grinders are actually negative equity; they’re worse than useless.

I won’t pay for it, but I’ll gladly partake in someone else’s best piece of the cow.

One of the better steaks I’ve made IMO.


Save some for me!!

Did you reverse-sear?

Sous vide and high temp charcoal sear. Wife thought it was the best steak I’ve ever made. It was up there for sure.

I also made a separate steak for my sister, who requested medium rather than medium rare. Not pictured. Still have 2 steaks left from this cut, maybe 6-7 oz each by eyeball.

This is how Costco sells them. I think last time I bought them at Costco, rib caps were around $18 or $20 per lb, so $22 seems pretty fair for a good cut.

In general, I’d prefer rib cap to tenderloin, but it’s close.

Read some reviews on Amazon and picked up a cheap one. Worked great the 1 time I have used it so far.

I had one last chunk of spinalis left from that piece I bought. Polished it off.

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I said save me a piece!!

Cooking some boneless ribeye right now at 225 until they hit 123.
Set them out, cook other stuff, then sear them in a overhot cast iron pan 45 seconds per side.
Prior to cooking, salted overnight to get the maillard process ready.

Says Alton Brown.

I saw a ribeye at the grocery store today that had a giant cut of spinalis on it and was nicely priced. I was really tempted to get it, but I’ve been eating way more red meat than usual in the last 2 weeks. I’m going to switch to lighter meats for a bit. Maybe some chicken or salmon next.

I got these from Costco. Prime quality, so let’s see if it’s worth it.

I got a rib eye for Christmas. It was some pastured thing from a local place. No spinalis. Leanest ribeye I’ve ever had.

It was… Perfectly okay. The duck I got for new years was awesome, though.

No complaints from the small gathering. I’d do these again.
Probably due to my cooking expertise, no doubt.

Just went thru a vertical flight of three pinots from Lincourt. 2012 (oldest) was best.

I tell you what’s weird. Despite Canada using metric for basically a lifetime, we still use imperial for:

  • cooking temperatures but not for outdoor/indoor temperature.
  • bodyweight, but most other weights would be commonly metric.
  • cooking volumes and weights are pretty randomly metric or imperial.

It doesn’t qualify as smoking or grilling, but I thought of this thread as I wish I had Kenny’s slicer now.

I did my first home charcuterie project: lomo, which is cured pork tenderloin coated in paprika. Pretty good turnout, but it needs to be cut thinner than I did here. I will try to see if the mandolin can do the job.

I’m a big fan of Costco prime beef, if you have a great butcher you can get slightly better cuts, but the value on the Costco stuff is hard to beat. IMO.