Situation Update-going better but not sure?

I posted here a few months ago about how it seemed like I was about to get fired, and was in a very bad situation with manager.

At this point it seems like I have avoided being put on a PIP for now and am just going to be moved to a new team, though obviously I don’t know what might happen next year or what has been discussed. When I have asked the manager for feedback they said I was doing better/on the right track and overall, and we seemed to have avoided any disasters in the last few months. To me it seems to be trending towards being ok.

As far as my job search goes, it doesn’t seem to have gone as well as I expected based on how the initial few weeks went. I have mostly exhausted what I can use recruiters for (because they can not represent candidates within a certain time frame). I still get interviews but it seems like the remaining positions are starting to Get a bit less desirable. For example, recently a couple positions seemed promising, but then for one the analysts admitted that they didn’t have time to take their study hours, and the other didn’t offer exam support (targeting a career ASA type I guess). Obviously at some companies you can just keep applying to roles, but at others they keep a record of when you last applied and may not consider you for another year if you appleid recently. It could also be that the job market around June is just better than it is now, since at that point companies are still trying to fill the positions recently vacated by people who left after getting the bonus in march.

I would prefer to have left by now but am still here at this point. I think I would just take a decent offer elsewhere, but am not feeling super inclined to take a non-student position or something. If I were to salvage an ok review, do you think it would be ok to just stay at the company at that point? It seems like I was too quick to jump to being “fired”, but obviously layoffs are still something to consider-that would be the more common approach for eliminating underperformers in this industry, I think. I don’t know how far the discussions about me extended exactly, but its fair to say there there were some which were very bad. Since layoffs tend to kind of fall from the sky from upper management, they are always going to be hard to predict.

What do you guys think? To me it seems like I am probably ok to stay in the short term, though I probably would leave given the opportunity.


I dunno, but maybe if things are going ok, id keep communications open with your supervisor.

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I think the risk from staying at your current job is going to be less than the risk would be at just about any new job. It isn’t risk free of course.

But soon you will be moving to a new team, and my guess is that your struggles with this manager will not be relevant to your performance evaluation with the new manager.

You didn’t get along well with your current manager. That happens sometimes. It’s probably just a blip in your career.


Yeah. My first actuarial job, my supervisor’s supervisor was on a mission to get me fired. it was made explicitly clear, and her treatment of me was obscene - in today’s environment she’d have been the one likely getting fired.
sure, personality conflicts because I was a bit of an entrepreneurial hothead, but there was nothing performance based about it. In fact the only reason I likely didn’t get fired was because I was the technical centerpiece of an important large corporate project, and the external consultants were on about how what I was doing was the best of anyone they’d ever dealt with.
So, a blip. I was successful before that, and was successful afterwards. Just had a psycho supervisor in the mix.
She still lasted her entire career there, but did not have a good name. They eventually shuffled her off into the sidelines with fewer and fewer reports, flatlined career.

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Hey dude it sounds like you got a new lease on life at the company. I’m assuming you can consider it a fresh start (if your old manager bad mouthed you to other managers, I doubt anyone would have taken you on their team)

At this point I think you are safe from your past. If your new manager begins to supply you with any negative feedback though it is time to polish up that resume

In the meantime I would work on your interviewing skills. I’m a horrendous employee but I’m usually able to land multiple offers quickly (always multiple offers in 3-4 weeks)

The job market is obviously not as strong as it was 1-2 years ago but good actuaries are always in demand

Keep your head up. Good luck in your new department


To clarify I haven’t been moved to a new team yet, just told that it will happen. The process for determining the specifics is supposed to happen over the next couple months and then after Christmas move to a new manager. So I’m not sure what will happen with bad mouthing or not tbh.

I think the fact that they’re moving you to a new team is a pretty good sign of a decent manager. They didn’t just turf you. The recognized a problem and are putting in quite a bit of work to ensure that you’re not just fired. That’s a really really kind thing to do.

In fact, after the transfer, it might be a good thing to stop by the old manager and recognize them for doing this.


What about the fear of being laid off which is not necessarily separate from performance?

You mean getting RIF’d?

Not sure you have any control over that at your level, but you can still have contingency plans in place for such an eventuality.

Yea, my concern would be if an old manager had issues with me I would more likely to be a target.

I think there are all sorts of reasons you can come up with for why you might or might not get laid off in the future.

That could apply at a new job too, where you might be first to go if you are new.

I don’t think there is a good reason for you to be nervous about a potential future lay off.

I agree with magilla

I think you’re looking into things too much and trying to find potential problems that don’t exist at this point

Calm down. Take a deep breathe. Do a good job for your new manager and you’ll be as right as rain

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