Sitting here waiting....and waiting

For this building to fall at free-fall speed like on 9/11.

Those must have been trick buildings, only ones to ever do it.

Why, was someone storing 50,000# of aviation fuel in the residential building?

I wonder if that building has most of the supporting structure around the perimeter of the floor and if something large crashed through it?

I remember setting up a feed for ZeroHedge articles in outlook many years ago. Fascinating stuff. I wonder if I would have fallen down the misinformation rabbit hole had it not been for the AO where many of these topics were quickly debunked.

@Rickson thinks 9/11 was a hoax? Iā€™m shocked he is usually so reluctant to believe in conspiracy theories.

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Jet fuel is kerosene more or less the same burn temp 1500ish as couches and chairsā€¦.so nah.

Some plastics burn much hotter. Jet fuel is pretty high octane so itā€™s harder to get it burn and burns really fastā€¦.

We all know 9/11 was an inside job to give an excuse to blow a huge bubble as the dot com was collapsing. Covid is the next iteration.

I wonder if the Chinese building is made of bridge steel or building steel.


How is that a response to my post?

Thanks for the vote of confidence.