Almost tempted to do this and use the result as an avatar . . .


Who’s with me?

I wish my Christian homeschooled husband had had the right of mind to sneak off and watch the Simpsons every once in a while; he’s useless at Simpsons references. The kids are worse.

The point is - I’m in.


Did I not… invite you? There were at least… like… 9 adults there.

I already look too much like a cartoon character

You most certainly did not.

Well, actually, I think you extended some general invite and asked us to respond via PM for more info.

I think at the time, I was dealing with other issues at home and wouldn’t have been able to make it. But I do like your hubby. Let him know that I’m running a Secret Hitler game in a week or two.

Hmmm, if I remember correctly, I only posted about the wedding while permabanned… and thus would not have expected to be able to read any incoming PMs.

I also like that man. You hear that USCIS? I like my husband!!

Soxy played AO poker, but I’m not aware of him ever participating in Secret Hitler (and I stalked him enough, so I would know!). Get poker going and maybe I can get him to actually show himself.

Now I’m getting this as a sponsored ad on my Facebook feed! :unamused: :roll_eyes:

Soxy lol’d.

I’ve used parts of this poster and another Simpsons-style poster as an avatar on and off for years. I didn’t use SimpsonfyMe, though. SRD STBaldricks2010.pdf (2.2 MB)

Your link says it is $40. Why would I pay $40 for a simpsons cartoon pic?