Show off your

…SOA swag

Grading and “volunteering” so I’m getting a lot of points to get this kind of stuff.


I got the same

It’s a taxable benefit FYI.

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You want me to go back and adjust my returns??? :roll_eyes:

What is? A shirt?

I’d be surprised if that was true in the US. We do have a de minimus principle. No clue about Canada though.

I have 2 SOA lapel pins: I don’t mind giving one to the gubmint.


A similar retail shirt of this quality would cost at least $40. If it were Nike or UA I am sure $55+

Oh wait, it doesn’t have holes for the thumbs - $50+

Now that I have a new SOA zip-up, I may be giving my old one to my son. They’re pretty nice.

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