Should this post be in the Innumeracy thread?

WTF? It says 3 Unread, but only lists 2. It is not an issue with failure to Refresh (when I first started to work on this thread, it was saying 2 Unread and listing only 1. After the refresh it went to the current 2 showing 1.

All I can think is that perhaps the other is a thread I told it I was not interested in (very few such threads), but I would think those shouldn’t be in the count either.

I wonder if a thread you were following was deleted?

Maybe. But for a while after I started this thread they were back in sync. But now

so unless another thread I was following was deleted today…

Oops. That’s misleading. When I went to screen shot it, it said 2 unread, then showed only one. Before I screen shotted it, the counter went up to 3. But then if I clicked on Unread, there were 2 shown (with the counter still reading 3). So a discrepancy of only 1.

I’m having these sorts of issues today. It tells me I have stuff unread when I don’t…