Should the media be non-profit?

It’s better for the public. What’s wrong with this idea?

That’s a big assumption.


It would seem that preventing for-profit media would be contrary to the 1st amendment.

lots of things are prevented for the public good

it’s a reasonable assumption i think

But most of them aren’t written into our constitution.

hate to say it, but those who wrote the constitution didn’t look 250 years ahead

Why is a (e.g.) liberal right-wing non-profit news outlet inherently better than a liberal right-wing for-profit news outlet? That doesn’t follow to me at all.

And yet, it’s still the document that governs our nation.

this is a hypothetical exercise. if u don’t want to participate, u don’t have to

I am participating. Requiring media to be non-profit muzzles our ability to exercise free speech. That makes it a bad idea.

I also don’t think it solves whatever problems you think it is solving.

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[quote=“CuriousGeorge, post:11, topic:2345, full:true”]
Requiring media to be non-profit muzzles our ability to exercise free speech.[/quote]

Can you explain this? How does making media a not-for-profit industry stifle a person’s ability to say what they want?

Charities are not-for-profit and you can basically start a charity to support virtually any issue you want.

“Not-for-proft” <> “Without expenses”

They’ll still feel the tugs of that river in which the cash flows.

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It stifles our ability, because instead of exercising free speech directly, you would now have to first create a non-profit. Whereas today, I can publish my own limited run newspaper/editorial magazine if I want as a sole proprietor, or spend $500 and put whatever message I want onto a billboard.

Those aren’t examples of for profit activities. You can start a limited run newspaper and give it away. You can buy a billboard and put whatever message you want on it. Not-for-profit does not require creating a 501… organization.

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I suppose you are technically correct, but usually when people say “non-profit”, they are intending to refer to 501 or other organizations.

profits has a tendency to change content

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Sure, if you want to sell the product or raise money to help finance it, you would need to follow tax law that would require registering under chapter 501. I still don’t see how that stifles free speech.

Does the media include social media?

good point. maybe it should! considering the damage it’s doing to society