Should Biden pardon Trump?

Seems like people still want to accuse Trump of various things even after his acquittal. Should Biden pardon Trump, like Ford pardoned Nixon?


My thoughts on this are changing day to day. I think everything illegal Trump has done should be brought forth and he should be tried. If he is found guilty and charged then I think Biden could pardon him as an act of goodwill. Trump will not reciprocate the goodwill and Biden knows this. I would not issue some sort of blanket pardon at the beginning of the term hoping it placates Trump though that won’t happen either. That said he is probably going to issue a blanket pardon for himself and then have attorneys use it for every legal proceeding he enters into till he dies.


Nor should he press the DOJ to investigate or prosecute Trump. Biden should stay out of it until they actually bring charges. Then Biden can start thinking about a pardon for that specific case.

This is complicated by my assumption that Trump will pardon himself. I think that the SC should throw that out, but they won’t rule until someone forces them to. And, the “conservative” justices are likely to go with the text.

And, “even after his aquittal”. What does that mean? Criminal charges and impeachment are two different things.

Should Harris?

:iatp: Biden should entirely stay out of it, up and through any calls to pardon him (if that came to pass). We need to rid ourselves of this notion that Justice does its thing unless our First Citizen decides otherwise.

No. How in the world is it in our country’s best interest to let Trump get away with anything?

I dont expect Biden to even consider pardoning trump. I think trump will pardon himself though, cause why not? He pardoned a long list of criminals and he has no shame.

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No - I enjoy watching Rudy the brown-nosed lawyer and other hacks flailing around the legal system for the next several years and they should continue to do so. In this time of trouble we need to support small businesses such as Four Seasons Landscaping.

Short answer No
Long answer Oh Hells No


He absolutely should not.

If Trump comes up on charges that Biden can pardon him for - he probably will though*. I don’t expect a preemptive pardon though - there would need to be already made or really close to being made.

*some sort of crap about needing to focus on the future and not dwell in the past or other such nonsense.

i don’t think biden will pardon trump no matter what. nothing in it for the dems to do that.

I hope you are right.

There aren’t many politicians - especially at the national level - that want their dealings looked at in detail. There would have to be some significant benefit to the Dems in order to open that door - and I don’t expect “it’s the right thing to do” to be enough. It would have to help them at the ballot box, and if they end up making it look like a witch hunt rather than actually seeking justice, that could very easily backfire on them.

well, i, and many others think that trump is a criminal. i’m not sure that people who voted for biden are going to turn against him for not pardoning trump.

people who don’t think trump is a criminal, are insane, and wouldn’t vote dem no matter what.

I don’t think it’s quite that black and white.

Again, though - I hope you are right. Pardoning Trump would be a bad thing to do.

i’d lose a ton of respect for biden if he pardons trump.

i’d consider voting 3rd party if that happens. there is no spinning that into something positive.

biden pardoning trump is a slap in the face to everyone who suffered under trump’s presidency and got out and voted him out. we want justice.

i just don’t see that happening anyway. why would biden want to piss off his supporters like that?

to expand on that, trump acted as though he was above the law throughout his presidency. if biden pardons trump, that just proves that trump is, in fact, above the law. dem voters will be really pissed off if that happens. so, as i said, not in biden’s best interest to pardon trump. won’t happen.

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I don’t think presidential pardons should even be a thing, and Trump deserves one less than almost anyone else, so no.

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I agree. What is the justification for having them anyways? Is it supposed to be like the whole “thumbs up/down” thing in the coliseum?

I agree. I’ve read they are a hangover from monarchies - back when all judges worked for the king and the king could overrule anyone.

Just amend the constitution and get rid of special presidential pardons. The risk of another Trump is just too high.

After eliminating the presidential pardon, congress and the president could still pardon individuals or groups. They would just go through the normal bill to law process. Pardons should be for cases where it is obvious that the legal system failed. If it’s obvious, they ought to be able to get a bill passed.