Should Adam Schiff run for President?

On Jan 26, Adam Schiff announced his run from senate. Should instead he run for President? Your thoughts? Would he make a good candidate, a good president?

I think the big D party would have to get behind him with Biden’s blessing/cooperation for him to get anywhere but I think I’d prefer him as a candidate rather than Biden.

Just checked and Garfield was the only sitting member of the House to be elected president. I would prefer a lot of other people rather than Biden.

He is too short, and are we really ready to have Adam and Eve in the white house?


Fairly or unfairly, a lot of people hate Adam Schiff already. I don’t think he’d make a great general election candidate.

Edit: I feel like Hillary Clinton had a similar issue. There was already a strong core of people who hated her prior to her run, and tapping into that helped spread her unfavorability numbers as a candidate.

we need someone younger than 50

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and who doesn’t have an unbelievably punchable face

The DA from Law & Order?

I kid… because I don’t have anything to add.

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I think he would make a great president but would not get elected. Disappointed he is running for Senate instead of staying in the house. Will be happy to have him or Katie Porter in senate but don’t really need to see a huge battle between them in the election.

over the aging husk of DF? of course. i would prefer porter in any role where she is compelled to speak more.

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I think he’d probably be a good president, but I agree with others that he shouldn’t run as he’s already hated by some.

I would love to see Schiff run for President. He’d pull money, resources and energy away from other democrat candidates and into a campaign destined to lose.

don’t we already have a different thread about the mixing of religion and politics??? :slight_smile:

who’s eve in the WH

Adam Schiff’s wife is named Eve.

lol that’s pretty funny. Didn’t know that

Well, as far as honesty in public statements, he qualifies as well as our choices in the last 2 elections.
So there’s that.

I didn’t think he’d run as a republican.