Shortages and stuff

So uhhh, there seems to be a shortage of everything, GPUs, pianos, lumber, milkshakes, illegal immigrants, etc.

What kind of things are you trying to buy that you can’t get your hands on?

Clearly, it’s the illegal immigrants.

So . . . what was the question, again?

necesito un bueno worker

Had trouble finding a whitewater inflatable kayak for quite a while.

Finally got one and then there was a drought and fires near the river we planned to go to.

So I guess water and clear air too.

How’s the supply of laundry machines these days???

And Costco better not run out of precooked chikkin or there’s gonna be trouble!!! :fire: :axe: :crossed_swords:


In my neck of the woods it’s food. Restaurants are severely understaffed, and more and more are reducing hours or closing one day per week.

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I’m currently waiting for my new clavinova CLP 775 digital piano. it’s on backorder and should arrive 2-4 months from when i ordered it a week and a half ago. Had I ordered it a few days earlier I could have gotten it immediately, but I was being indecisive, thus I have to wait.

TSM stock

Prescription cat food. :crying_cat_face:

I tend to buy several cases of canned dog food. (Dog eats a combo of canned and dry kibble.) Costco didn’t have her canned food for close to 2 months. I was on her last case when it reappeared. I heard it was due to a shortage of materials to make the cans.

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I was in a computer store yesterday. The racks were bare.

Car dealership lots are also bare. They’re parking the cars end to end to try and make the lot look less bare.

I asked my marina what it would cost to swap my 10 plus year old boat for the current model. They told me I could sell my boat for what I bought it for, but the new one costs three times as much…if I could even get it.

I was told that some of the shortages are still from the Suez canal back up. Stuffs sitting in containers overseas.

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this is like CCCP times no

My Shipt shopper had to substitute like four things on my last order. I’m now stuck with normal barbeque sauce instead of no-sugar-added barbeque sauce :cry:

Where did you order it from? I have a P515 but that’s all I have so if it breaks I’m kind of out of luck as far as lessons or practicing goes. I guess in an emergency I can pony up for some kind of alternative until a backorder gets here.


Heat resistant rubber tipped 8" kitchen tongs. One of mine broke and I want to replace it. All out at Walmart. I really haven’t looked that hard.

I still notice occasional shortages in the grocery store. It’s not like it was in early covid when the grocery store was completely out of many products, but just more outages than usual.

For example, we buy a lot of frozen vegetables. Some of the ones we used to buy often aren’t always available now. I haven’t seen one particular brand of lima beans since before COVID at either of our usual 2 stores. Other usual veggie are spotty: out for a month, then return for a brief while.

Fresh herbs at the usual stores will also sometimes just be unavailable. Twice recently I went to one store looking for a particular herb, and had to hit a second store to find it.

Like lots of things, chicken is a lot more expensive and sometimes I can’t buy what I’m looking for. I’ve had one of my local stores sold out of wings or boneless thighs on recent trips.

Home building supplies. Ex: The nails that keep a house anchored to a foundation is stopping some homes from being built here. Some contractors can get them but others cannot.

this place, but I ordered it at the store itself cause I wanted to test them first. it’s the same as online though. Mine was $500 cheaper than the price right now. They were having a sale or something.

Faust Harrison Pianos Yamaha and Steinway Piano Store. New & Used Upright or Grand Pianos.

My current one has an E key that sticks. It’s annoying, but I can still use it in the meantime.

Maybe I should have researched more. The P515 is waaaaay cheaper than the CLP 775. What is the difference? I have no idea.