Setting up a webcam or something

Some finches seem to be building a nest in a hanging planter outside our back door.


I’d like to be one of those people who sets up a webcam so I can observe them without disturbing them. I’ve never done that before and don’t really know where to start or what I’m getting myself into.

This spider plant is within a foot (or two) of an exterior wall. There is a power outlet on that wall about 6-10 feet away. My wifi signal is poor in the backyard but this is right by the door, so I’m hoping it’s sufficient.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions (especially about hardware) on what I’m doing here?

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I’ve got a Wyze, which was cheaper than the bigger names. If you only want to watch (I use it pretty much strictly to watch for the schoolbus so I don’t need to be waiting by the front window) you only pay the initial cost. When I bought it, they had limited storage as part of the deal. It sends notifications, but only saves short clips and only at a reduced frequency without paying a monthly fee. They just changed it literally last week and I’m not sure what the deal is, since my use doesn’t require it. It allows for learning of what movement is important and what isn’t, etc. I have no idea what the deal would be on streaming.

You might want to check what kind of wifi signal you’re getting before you buy anything.

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We have Wyze cams (V2s, I think they’re now on V3) that we’ve used to watch in realtime or back for a couple hours-ish? I don’t know, but they have a subscription service that will allow you to save recordings in the cloud, or you can just use an SD card that overwrites itself after a while (we generally have used to check which cat made what crash, so don’t need long storage).

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Ditto on the Wyze. We have one and it came with an SD card that just overwrites itself. I think it’s supposed to hold about two weeks worth of continuous recording but I just set it up a few days ago so I haven’t tested that.

If something happens and I want to pull footage from it, I can use the app on my phone to roll back to whatever I want to save and record it to my phone.

Just got it but it seems pretty slick and for 35 bucks it seems to serve its purpose well. Might get another.

Nice cover. We all know you are just wanting to start webcamming for money.

I’m an actuary. Do you think people want to see my face/reaction when I’ve set up yet another awesome INDEX/MATCH?

Which model? Got a link?

I’ll DM you the onlyfans link. Pay to play baby :wink:

When I ordered last week it came with the SD card. Now it’s an extra $12 :woman_shrugging:

fwiw, I’ve got the v3 also. I bought it when it was first released and it was quite a bit cheaper then. $20?

When you do that, some might want to see your shoes.

(Before you post this to “(in)significant signals” know that I would still be looking at my own shoes.)

We can’t all be extroverts